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 Pixie Power Swapper 1.02
Tillverkare:Artichoke Games
Fler program:Hittade 1 program till från samma tillverkare
Filstorlek:2604 kB
Senast uppdaterad:2005-06-08 07:28:15
Nedladdningar:95 st varav 0 denna vecka.
Operativsystem:Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 98SE, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Övriga systemkrav:DirectX 7.0 or better, 400 MHz or faster Processor, 16MB Video Card
Denna sida har visats 3432 ggr sedan 23 maj 2005
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Pixie Power Swapper screenshot.
Pixie Power Swapper is a light hearted puzzle game in which you swap blocks back and forth across a game board in order to complete lines of a given color. To aid you in this endeavor you have access to four Pixies, each of whom can perform special tricks. Your pixie power meter rises with your score, when it is full you advance to the next level. Each stage gets progressively more difficult, and you may only use your Pixies so many times before powering them back up by eliminating the special blocks that randomly appear in each board. There are four Pixies in Pixie Power Swapper to aid the block destroying family fun. The Gun Pixie allows you to shoot out three blocks anywhere on the board, the Paint Pixie allows you to recolor any three blocks, the Bomb Pixie allows you to destroy all blocks of a single color, and the Hint Pixie tells you which block should be swapped next. By using all four of your Pixies you can overcome difficult challenges, score mega points, or find your way out of an impossible situation. There are also three game modes to enjoy, each with its own set of objective. Classic mode allows you to play at any pace and advance levels, timed mode forces you to think fast and act faster as you race the clock for points, and logic mode gives you a set number of moves to score the most points with. You can choose from three difficulty settings: normal, hard and expert. Pixie Power Swapper focuses on a non-violent family friendly style by combining bright colors, catchy music, and intuitive game play. It is designed to be relaxing entertainment for spare time in the hectic day to day world. Each time you play it is a different puzzle so there will always be a new challenge awaiting you when you return. So how high can you score?
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